About Sperry Commercial Auctions


The commercial real estate industry is an ever evolving, ever changing market sector. To achieve the highest level of success for our Clients, we must be able to efficiently manage their diverse and complex needs.

Introducing Sperry Commercial Auctions, the online auction platform for Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates, powered by the advanced technology of FRE.com.

Combining the market knowledge, insight and professional resources of Sperry Commercial with the industry-leading auction technology of FRE.com, Sperry Commercial Auctions delivers an alternative sales option in a fair, transparent and secure process.


Sperry Commercial Auctions Representative
Darrell F. Hoover
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Phone: +1 949 533 1429
Email: darrell.hoover@sperrycga.com
FRE Representative
Alisha A. Lange
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Phone: +1 949 706 6129
Email: alange@fre.com